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First Pointe Classes

Tiny Pointers

A fun start to the dance world! It’s a chance for your child to learn about musicality, co-ordination, be imaginative and build confidence. Includes warm up and centre fun.  Each Term Tiny Pointers classes will have a new theme! Example: Going to the Zoo, Circus, Under the Sea, Let’s Dance theme. Throughout the class students will learn new steps and dance routines based upon the theme. Students will be not only be educated but use their imagination through the movement of dance, use their fine & gross motor skills and most of all have FUN!

Junior Pointers

Combination of Ballet and Jazz & more styles in the one class! Great way to recognise the different varieties of Dance & build on progress and knowledge of many dance styles. Includes warm up, Ballet Steps: learning Ballet positions, Jazz: Isolations, fun steps & routines.

Classical Ballet

Teaches discipline, poise and beauty. Ballet is a great way to build strength, learn the correct technique, posture and musicality. And very exciting, First Pointe students will have the privilege of learning Repertoire from the real Ballets! Example: The Sugarplum Fairy Variation from the Nutcracker, Act lll Kitri Variation from the Ballet Don Quixote and  Blue Bird variation from The Sleeping Beauty.     


A fun way to get fit and learn different styles of Jazz. Great for flexibility, strength, stamina and musicality.  Students will be taught how to stretch properly and learn the correct way to do leg mounts, jazz kicks, pirouettes, leaps and more jazz technique moves!


A mixture of Ballet and jazz movements. Requires students to express themselves through diverse lyrical movements. It is a fun way to explore new steps and boundaries.          


Learn impressive tricks, improve on flexibility, strength and control and learn helpful tips to advance your flips, cartwheel & partner moves!

Hip Hop

Students will learn cool funky Hip Hop routines to some of the latest music! Learning the Hip Hop routines will help improve student’s memories and also build confidence!

Cheer Dance & Acro

Students get to learn cheerleading skills and acrobatics methods on the Airtrack by our newest cheer coach Miss Emma!                                        

Combination classes!

Throughout each term Combination classes give students the opportunity to also learn Hip Hop routines, and acrobatic tricks as well as the set ballet & jazz training exercises.  

 Performance Troupe!

For the past 6 years students involved in the First Pointe Performance Troupe have had the amazing opportunity to perform their stunning Dance Shows at more than 5 public events over the Sunshine Coast throughout the year! Miss Laura encourages all students to be involved as it builds confidence, expands performing experience to live audiences, to be a part of a loyal performing team, and is heaps of FUN! Students receive a certificate and treats after each performance!


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